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September 8, 2001

Dear All,

On August 30th the New York Times reported that thirty Nigerian families sued Pfizer in federal court August 29, saying the company conducted an unethical clinical trial of an antibiotic called Trovan on their children in 1996. Eleven children in the trial died, while others suffered brain damage, were partly paralyzed or became deaf.

For the complete article, please see Dr. Mercola's website:


Trovan is trovafloxacin/alatrofloxacin, yet another fluorinated quinolone.

On June 10, 1999 the FDA issued warnings about Trovan, a drug it had approved just a year earlier.

The FDA said it was aware of 14 cases of acute liver failure. Six of those patients have died, and three had required liver transplants.

It is yet another drug in the long list of fluorinated drugs which have been withdrawn in recent years, for causing deaths, liver dysfunction, etc.

Please see the report just issued by Professor Dzulkifli Abdul Razak from the National Poison Centre in Malaysia:

"Poison Control: Fluorides, the deadly toxin within"

best wishes to all,

Andreas Schuld
Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children (PFPC)
Vancouver, BC, Canada


Please note that Pfizer has donated "Diflucan" to South Africa supposedly to treat AIDS-related infections. Diflucan is FLUCONAZOLE, and this drug - just like other fluorinated medications - has shown to cause craniofacial, skeletal and cardiac anomalies.

When mothers take fluconazole through or beyond the first trimester of pregnancy their children may suffer from various serious congenital anomalies.

Please see:

Pursley TJ, Blomquist IK, Abraham J, Andersen HF, Bartley JA -
"Fluconazole-induced congenital anomalies in three infants." Clin Infect Dis 22(2):336-40  (1996)