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About the use of fluorinated pharmaceuticals...


“The technique uses fluorine, the element best known for fighting cavities that also plays a pivotal role in modern medicine. Some 30 percent to 50 percent of all pharmaceuticals now contain fluorine, Dobier told UPI, because it helps boost their effectiveness.”

“New, clean, cheap way to help make drugs”
UPI Science News - September 5, 2002 2397r


"According to a recent book, by 1990 around 220 fluorinated drugs were on the market, representing 8 per cent of launched synthetic drugs, and at the time of its publication, around 1500 were under development." - Dr. Basil Wakefield, Ultrafine

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"It's a very hot field right now," said Dr. Hammond. "Of the top 700 drugs right now, 48 are active because of fluorine."

“Better chemistry, better living - UMass professor is working to make medicines more effective”


“History of Fluoride in Medications”
by Peter Meiers


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