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200 Scientific Papers from China on Fluoride and Thyroid Dysfunction

Part I (1-100)
Part II (101-200)


Recent Research: Fluoride Effects on Thyroid Function
(A list of selected studies from the last 10 years on the effects of fluoride on thyroid function)

History of the Fluoride - Iodine Antagonism

Dental Fluorosis = More Caries

Fluoride & Enzymes - "Doses 1000x higher?"

Fluoride = TSH


Truth Decay - Under Construction
(How past reviews in the Western scientific literature have distorted and falsified essential information on the effects of fluoride on thyroid function.)



Salt Fluoridation (2004)

Symptoms of Fluoride Poisoning/IDD (1998)


Comments on the 2006 NRC Review

How the NRC reviewed the work by Zhao et al. (1998)

How the NRC reviewed the matter of "altitude"

Severe Dental Fluorosis

More on TSH

More on Dental Fluorosis

TSH Reference Values



AUDIO by Darlene Sherrell (2008)