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The PFPC Fluoride Education Project

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Fluoride Effects on Thyroid Hormone Metabolism




PFPC Bulletin Board
(This is our main outlet for current issues. It replaced our old PFPC website in 2007.)


Recent Research: Fluoride Effects on Thyroid Function
(A list of selected papers from the last 20 years on the effects of fluoride on thyroid hormone metabolism)


200 Scientific Papers from China on Fluoride and Thyroid Dysfunction

Part I (1-100)
Part II (101-200)


History of the Fluoride – Iodine Antagonism 


Dental Fluorosis = More Caries 



Fluoride & Enzymes – “Doses 1000x higher?” 



Fluoride = TSH


Is Dental Fluorosis Caused by Thyroid Hormone Disturbances?
(2005 Guest Editorial)

Truth Decay – Under Construction
(Public Version – Coming Fall 2020)


Comments on the 2016-2020 NTP Review

Comments on the study by McPherson et al., 2018
(Posted – June 13, 2020)

Comments on the 2019/2020 NTP Draft & Revision – TBA


2016 PFPC Submission to the NTP


Canada: Comments on the study by Barberio et al., 2017


Scratch Book: COVID-19, Fluorosis, Thyroid and Gq/11
(A research project in its infancy, listing the similarities between COVID-19 and fluoride poisoning, involvement of Gq/11 proteins and thyroid status.)
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Old PFPC Home


Comments on the 2006 NRC Review (2006)


Salt Fluoridation (2004)


Symptoms of Fluoride Poisoning/IDD (1998) 


Oxidative Stress & Thyroid Hormones

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