2001 - Fluoride effects on thyroid structure in chicks

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2001 - Fluoride effects on thyroid structure in chicks

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8. 刘国艳,柴春彦,康世良.氟对鸡甲状腺组织结构的影响[J].中国地方病学杂志,2001,20(2):90-93
http://d.wanfangdata.com.cn/periodical_ ... 02004.aspx
Liu G, Kang SH - "Effects of fluoride on the structure of chicken thyroid" Chin. J Endemiology 20(2):90-93 (2001)


【Title】 氟對雞甲狀腺組織結構的影響
【English Title】 Effects of fluoride on thyroid structure in chicks
【Author】 劉國艷 柴春彥 康世良 KANG Shi-liang 
【Institute】 上海交通大學 動物科學系,;東北農業大學 動物醫學 院,;Department of Animal Science,ShangHai JiaoTong University ,
【Journal Title】 中國地方病學雜志
【Year Volume Issue】 2001 Vol.20 No.02
【Topic】 實驗觀察
【Category 】 R599.9
【Key Word】 氟中毒;雞;甲狀腺;萎縮;腫大
【Abstract】 目的 探討氟對雞甲狀腺組織 結構的影響。方法 選用250只1日齡蛋雞, 隨機分為5組,每組50只,飼喂相同的全價日糧。第1組為對照組,第2,3,4,5組在日糧中添加不同水平的氟化鈉,使 日糧中氟含量分別為500,1 000,1 500,2 000 mg/kg,實驗期150 d。每30 d采集1次樣品 ,測定血清中氟含量,制作甲狀腺組織切片,稱量甲狀腺重量,觀察雞的臨床表現。結果 成功地復制出了不同程度的雞慢性氟中毒模型。在早期,各氟中毒組雞甲狀腺的相對重量均不同程度地低于對照組,甲狀腺濾泡面積減小,膠質減少。中后期,則均不同程度地高于對照組,濾泡直徑和面積增大,膠質過度充盈,并出現由濾泡旁細胞組成的增生性結節。結論 氟化物對甲狀腺的組織結構產生了嚴重的破壞作用,在早期引起雞甲狀腺萎縮,中后期則致甲狀腺呈膠質性、結節性腫大。
【English Abstract】 Objective  To investigate the effects of fluoride on thyroid structure in chicks.Methods 250 one-day chicks were randomly divided into 5 groups , 50 for each .Group I was the control ,and other four groups ,groupⅡ, Ⅲ,Ⅳ,Ⅴ were fed the diets containing 500,1 000,1 500,2 000 mg/kg of fluorineass odium fluoride, respectively, for 150 days. The contents of serum fluorine were determined, thyroid tissue slices were made , the weight of thyroids was weighed ,and the clinical manifestations of experimental chicks were observed. Results The animal models of ch ick fluorosis were successfully established.Compared with the control, the earlier changes of thyroid structure were that the relative weight of thyroid and thyroid follicle colloid in all NaF ingestion groups were less, and the size of thyroid follicles was smaller.During the later stage , the results just reversed to the earlier changes , I.e , both areas and diameters of thyroid follicle were larger and the colloid was over filled , and the follicular epithelia were obviously flatted in the enlarged follicles for being crushed by over-filling coll oid. Moreover, hyperplastic nodules, consisting of thyroid parafollicular cells appeared in group V.Conclusions Fluoride can seriously damage thyroid structure . During the earlier stage , fluoride can in duce thyroid atrophia , however, during the later stage ,it can induce thyroide nlargement which is nodular and colloid goiter.
【Fund Project】 黑龍江省科技廳科研項目(C9704)

http://d.wanfangdata.com.cn/periodical_ ... 02004.aspx
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