1998 - Timing of F- exposure on pregnant rat thyroid

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1998 - Timing of F- exposure on pregnant rat thyroid

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55. 常青,戎成兴,张世明.不同时间氟暴露对孕鼠甲状腺形态和功能的影响.微量元素与健康研究,1998,15(2):10

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Google Translation - 55 - Kunming Mice

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Effect of Fluorine Exposure at Different Time on Thyroid Morphology and Function of Pregnant Rats Chang Qingrong Cheng Xing ① Zhang Shiming ① (Jinan University School of Medicine Guangzhou 51063) Abstract Observe the effect of fluoride on thyroid morphology and function of pregnant mice. The thyroid and serum of mice with 200 mg/L fluoride-containing water were taken freely after conception (group P1) or 12 weeks before conception (group P2), and the morphological changes were observed to determine the level of serum thyroxine (T4). Results: The thyroid gland in P1 group showed hyperplastic changes, and the blood T4 concentration was significantly higher than that in the control group (C group, P<0.001); some glands in P2 group showed degenerative changes, and the blood T4 concentration was not different from that in C group (P> 0.05). Tip: The effect of fluoride on the thyroid of pregnant rats is related to the duration of action. Keywords fluoride, thyroid, pregnant mice, fluoride is one of the trace elements necessary for the body's life activities, but long-term intake of excessive fluoride in the body can cause damage to various tissues of the organism, and its harm to the thyroid has long aroused people's attention [ 1]. However, how it affects the thyroid gland during pregnancy is rarely reported. In this experiment, by observing the morphology and function of the thyroid of pregnant rats drinking fluoride-free water freely at different times, the effect of fluoride on the thyroid of pregnant rats and its possible mechanism of action were explored. Materials and methods 1. Experimental animals and group experiments The Kunming mice were selected. The mice were 2 to 3 months old, weighing 25 to 30 g, and reached sexual maturity and body maturity. Female rats are randomly divided into 3 groups: A. Normal control group (Group C): Drink tap water freely before and after mating. B. During pregnancy... (this article has 3 pages)
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