2002 - Fluoride effects on pregnant mice and offspring

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2002 - Fluoride effects on pregnant mice and offspring

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56. 常青,李自成,过量氟对雌性小鼠生殖及其子鼠发育毒性的影响,广东医学 2002 23(4)353-355
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目的 探讨微量元素氟在妊娠前后对母子两代产生的综合影响。方法 成年雌性小鼠分别在孕期及孕前期始自由饮用200mg/L含氟水,观察其交配率、受孕率、胎(仔)鼠体重变化,母子两代甲状腺形态与功能的变化。结果 各组小鼠的交配率及受孕率差异无显著性(P>0.05);实验组各期胎仔鼠的体重大于对照组,以出生后7d差别最明显(P<0.001);孕期摄氟组母子两代的血T4水平均高于对照线(P<0.01或0.001);实验组甲状腺形态与功能的变化相一致。结论 高氟对雌性小鼠的生殖和胎仔鼠的发育存在一定的毒性影响,对母子两代甲状腺形态与功能的影响与子代的发育有关。
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【Abstract】:Objective To explore the comprehensive effect of trace element fluorine on the mother and son before and after pregnancy. Methods  Adult female mice were free to drink 200mg/L fluoride-containing water during pregnancy and early pregnancy, and observed the mating rate, conception rate, fetal (fetal) mouse body weight changes, thyroid morphology and function changes of the mother and son. Results There was no significant difference in the mating rate and conception rate among the mice in each group (P 0 0 5 ); the weight of the fetal mice in each stage of the experimental group was greater than that in the control group, and the difference was most obvious at 7 days after birth (P 0 0 1); pregnancy The blood T4 levels of the mother and son in the fluoride group were higher than those in the control group (P0.01 or 0.01); the thyroid morphology and function of the experimental group were consistent. Conclusion High fluoride has a certain toxic effect on the reproduction of female mice and the development of fetal mice. The effect on the thyroid morphology and function of the two generations of mother and child is related to the development of the offspring.
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