1988 - Thyroid hormone levels in endemic fluorosis rT3 T3/T4

1988 - Thyroid hormone levels in endemic fluorosis rT3 T3/T4

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[作者] 刘振启; 胡敏; 伍汉文; 屈国云; 超楚生; 王湘兵; 文建新; 黄海萍;
[作者单位] 湖南医学院附二院内分泌研究室;
[文献出处] 中国地方病学杂志.1988(04)
[关键词] 氟中毒; 血氟; 甲状腺激素; Fluorosis; Serum thyroid hormone; Fluoride;
[文章摘要] 地方性氟中毒为一种全身性疾病。我们观察了37例病人的血清游离氟浓度,甲状腺激素及 TSH 浓度,发现地方性氟中毒病人的血清 T4及 T3显著低于正常对照组,TSH 显著高于正常对照组,rT3与正常对照组无显著性差异,T3浓度及 T3/T4比值与血清游离氟浓度呈显著负相关。提出氟中毒可以降低甲状腺功能,并与血氟含量有关。

Endemic fluorosis is a systemic disease. We observed 37 cases of patients with serum free fluoride concentration, thyroid hormone and TSH concentrations found in patients with endemic fluorosis serum T4 and T3 were significantly lower than the normal control group, TSH was significantly higher than the normal control group, rT3 and the normal control group significant differences, T3 and T3/T4 ratio and serum concentrations of free fluoride concentrations were significantly negatively correlated. Proposed fluorosis can reduce thyroid function, and with the blood of fluorine content.
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