Cadmium effects on thyroid

Mottled teeth just like "fluorosis"...

Cadmium effects on thyroid

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Increase in TSH, lower serum T4

Hammouda F - "Reversal of cadmium-induced thyroid dysfunction by selenium, zinc, of their combination in rat" Biol Trace Elem Res 126(1-3):194-203 (2008)

Increase in TSH around the clock

Caride A - "Cadmium chronotoxicity at pituitary level: effects on plasma ACTH, GH, and TSH daily pattern" J Physiol Biochem 66(3):213-20 (2010)

Pavia Júnior MA - "Evidence suggesting that cadmium induces a non-thyroidal illness syndrome in the rat" J Endocrinol 154(1):113-7 (1997)

Mohammed TM -"Effects of phytate on thyroid gland of rats intoxicated with cadmium" Toxicol Ind Health (2013)

(Cadmium(Cd) is one of the most dangerous occupational and environmental toxins.)
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