2010 - Fluoride, calcium and iodine on 5 - HT and learning

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2010 - Fluoride, calcium and iodine on 5 - HT and learning

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128. 陈东林, 许洁, 申旭波, 邹焰 氟、钙和碘对大鼠5-羟色胺及学习记忆影响 中国公共卫生 2010, 26(6)
Chen at al. - "Effects of fluorine, calcium and iodine on 5-HT and learning-memory in rats" China Public Health 26(6):785-786 (2010)


陈东林1, 许洁2, 申旭波2, 邹焰2

1. 遵义医药高等专科学校药物化学教研室, 贵州遵义563002;
2. 遵义医学院预防医学教研室

目的 观察不同氟、钙和碘水平对大鼠海马5-羟色胺(5-HT)及学习记忆的交互作用。方法 应用2×2×2析因实验设计将Wistar大鼠分成8组,分别进行中氟与高氟、中钙与高钙、中碘与低碘喂养,6个月后观察其对海马5-羟色胺和学习记忆影响。结果 析因分析钙与碘对大鼠海马5-羟色胺含量存在交互作用(F=9.978,P=0.002),中氟高钙条件下,低碘与中碘组5-羟色胺含量分别为(1006.3±537.6),(1824.8±612.7)ng/g;高氟中钙与高氟高钙条件下,低碘与中碘组5-羟色胺含量分别为(1132.0±365.9),(1548.2±476.7),(1085.7±508.7)和(1983.9±862.7)ng/g;钙与碘对逃避潜伏期存在交互作用(F=4.406,P=0.039);氟、钙与碘对搜索距离影响差异无统计学意义。结论 氟、钙与碘对大鼠海马5-羟色胺含量和逃避潜伏期有交互影响,可影响其学习记忆能力。

关键词: 氟 钙 碘 5-羟色胺 学习记忆
Effects of fluorine,calcium and iodine on 5-hydroxy tryptamine and learning-memory in rats

CHEN Dong-lin, XU Jie, SHEN Xu-bo

Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Zunyi Medical and Pharmaceutical College,Zunyi 563002, China

Objective To study the interaction of fluorine,calcium and iodine on 5-hydroxy tryptamine(5-HT) and learning-memory in rats.Methods Wistar rats were randomly divided into 8 groups based on 2?2?2 factorial design:moderate concentration of fluorine and high concentration of fluorine,moderate concentration of calcium and high concentration of calcium,moderate concentration of iodine and low concentration of iodine.After six months,the 5-HT,escape latency and exploring distance were measured.Results According to the results of factorial ANOVA,the significant interaction effects of calcium with iodine to 5-HT content in hippocampus were found(F=9.978,P=0.002).The contents of 5-HT in lower and moderate concentration of iodine group were 1006.3±537.6 and 1824.8±612.7 ng/g under moderate fluorine and high calcium,1132.0±365.9 and 1 548.2±476.7 ng/g under high fluorine and moderate calcium,1 085.7±508.7 and 1983.9±862.7 ng/g under high fluorine and high calcium,respectively.No significant interaction effect of calcium with iodine on escape latency was found(F=4.406,P=0.039).The significant interaction effect of fluorine,calcium and iodine on exploring distance was not found.Conclusion The significant interaction effects of fluorine,calcium and iodine on 5-HT content in hippocampus and escape latency are found.The interactions affect the learning-memory in rats.
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