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Essential Literature: Nutrition Foundation | Research

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Some literature concerning sugar interests and the Nutrition Foundation, Harvard Dentists, Frederick Stare and industry interests.

Auskaps AM, Shaw JH - "Hemoglobin concentration, thyroid weight and growth rate in rats during minimum fluoride ingestion" J Nutr 55(4):611-21 (1955)

Golubovic A - "The Aliment of Anxiety: Nutritional Advice Pertaining to Sugar in Post-WWII Canada" Masters Thesis (2014) ... sequence=1

Hess J - "Harvard's Sugar-Pushing Nutritionist" The Saturday Review, August 1978, pp. 10-14 (1978) ... /Contents/

Kearns CE, Glantz SA, Apollonio DE - "In defense of sugar: a critical analysis of rhetorical strategies used in The Sugar Association's award-winning 1976 public relations campaign" BMC Public Health 19(1):1150 (2019) doi: 10.1186/s12889-019-7401-1. PMID: 31438900; PMCID: PMC6704551. ... e_7401.pdf

Kearns CE, Glantz SA, Schmidt LA - "Sugar industry influence on the scientific agenda of the National Institute of Dental Research's 1971 National Caries Program: a historical analysis of internal documents" PLoS Med 12(3):e1001798 (2015)

Meiers P - "Gerald Judy Cox"

PFPC - Kellogg's (2003)

THE NUTRITION FOUNDATION, INC - Science 95(2455):64 (1942)


Shaw JH - "Influence of cereal incorporation in a caries-producing diet on caries activity in rats" J Dent Res 53(2):397-401 (1974) doi: 10.1177/00220345740530023601. PMID: 4521900.

Shaw JH - "Tooth Decay - An Evaluation of Current Theory" Researcher Finds New Evidence - Suggests Revision of Prevalent Acid Theory
Harvard School of Dental Medicine, in: The Sugar Molecule, Vol V, No 3 (1951) The Sugar Research Foundation ... sAllowed=y

More Newspaper Articles:

Sugar industry secretly paid for favorable Harvard research (2016) ... -research/

How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat (2012) ... o-fat.html

Whitewash Article from the American Council on Science & Health (ACSH), another industry mouthpiece. Frederick Stare co-founded the ACSH in 1978. ... ugar-10161

Food Industry Funding of Nutrition Research - The Relevance of History for Current Debates (2016) ... -IM_16.pdf

Nutrition Information for Doctors, Dentists - But is it Enough? (1974)


Nutrition Foundation was incorporated in 1941 ... 185.000245

Sutton P - "The Failure of Fluoridation" ... 01-050.pdf
"So great was the intolerance of some officials to any criticism of fluoridation, that Cambridge University Press (the distributor of the book in America) was approached by the Nutrition Foundation Inc., and others, in an attempt to suppress the monograph in the U.S.A. Also, the printer's type at Melbourne University Press was destroyed without authority, thus almost succeeding in preventing publication of the second edition the following year."

Waldbott G - " A Struggle with Titans" (1965) ... Titans.pdf
"Dr. Stare's Nutrition Reviews, the publication of the Nutrition Foundation, Inc., names forty-nine companies as its sponsors. Several of its supporting industries including Procter and Gamble, Reynolds Metals and Swift & Company have a stake in fluoride promotion. Swift sells fluoride to the city of Chicago for water fluoridation."

Editorial 1949 - "Nutrition
25(1):53 (1949)


"At a recent meeting, the Board of Trustees of the Nutrition Foundation,- Inc., New York City, appropriated $185,600 for research in nutrition problems, bringing to a total of $1,810,000 the awards by the Foundation to 62 universities and medical centers in North America. Charles Glen King, Ph.D., who is the Scientific Director of the Foundation, summarized the advances through basic research made possible by the Foundation in relationship to public health, especially with reference to hypertension, the anemias, dental caries, and protein deficiencies."

Wickenden, Leonard - "Our daily poison: The effects of DDT, fluorides, hormones, and other chemicals on modern man" New York, NY: Devin-Adair Co (1955)
Letter from Fredrick J. Stare to Joshua Lederberg (1969) ... X16153-doc

Letter from John Lear to Joshua Lederberg April (1969) ... X16150.pdf

Letter from Philip E. Zanfagna to Joshua Lederberg (1969) ... X16147.pdf
The Nutrition Foundation, Inc. - Statement 1963

King G - "Research and Educational Progress in Nutrition"
Charles Glen King Papers ... 803036X191

Dental Health Developments

"In relation to dental caries, it is important to note that after several years of critically examining all the evidence from other sources and conducting extensive studies under their own authority, the British Ministry of Health this year issued a resounding endorsement of fluoridation (25, 26). The report strongly upholds the validity of the evidence and claims made in the United States and Canada regarding both the safety and the benefits that result from regulating the fluoride content of the general water supply at 1 p.p.m., when the natural content is appreciably below that value. In a second approach to reducing tooth decay, there has been further evidence that cyclic metaphosphates also can exert a favorable effect by developing more resistant enamel (27). A third note on dental caries is of special interest. Shaw and his associates at Harvard tested the claims often put forward that evaporated sea salts or special lake salts, by virtue of their supply of trace minerals, would inhibit dental caries. This is a favorite theme of the faddists. The results were emphatically negative (28). It is gratifying to note the continued evidence furnished by Schwartz et al. establishing the validity and functional relationship to glucose of trivalent chromium as an essential nutrient (29)."

US National Institute of Health - "Fluoride, the Smile Maker" ... 437667-img

US National Caries Program - "Daily fluoride tablets for healthier smiles" ... 438399-img

US Far East Command, Medical Section/ Circular Letter/Declassified (1947) ... 1327X7.pdf
"For sugar analyses, because of the rapid glycolysis which occurs, it is advisable to add fluoride routinely."

["Bacteria convert glucose, fructose, and sucrose into acids through a process called glycolysis, which is the main energy generating pathway in all bacteria, including caries-associated Streptococcus mutans."]
Words by Senator Thomas C. Desmond Chairman, New York State Joint Legislative Committee on Nutrition, political force behind the first fluoridation trial in Newburgh

Nutrition in review: report of the New York State Joint Legislative Committee on Nutrition, New York State Joint Legislative Committee on Nutrition, 1945

"...that our teeth may be immunized against decay...”

"Education in nutrition is, of course, of paramount importance, and this phase of nutrition is considered in detail—what has been done and what program is contemplated in New York State, in teaching nutrition education to children, at Cornell University, by the New York State Emergency Food Commission, and, nationally, by the Nutrition Foundation and the War Food Administration."
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In 1985 the Nutrition Foundation joined forces with the International Life Sciences Institute, to become ILSI-NF.

SEE Source Watch: ... _Institute

"In late January 2006 the World Health Organization decided that ILSI "can no longer take part in WHO activities setting microbiological or chemical standards for food and water, the U.N. health agency's executive board decided Friday in Geneva, Switzerland."[50] However, it remains one of the NGOs with accreditation as an observer at WHO meetings.

The downgrading of ILSI's status followed a letter protesting ILSI's role in setting standards from the Natural Resources Defense Council, Environmental Working Group, United Steelworkers of America and a coalition of other groups."
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