2013 - TSH levels correlate with F- in water - Sudan

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2013 - TSH levels correlate with F- in water - Sudan

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Medani Abdel Monim M H, Elnour Abdelsalam A, Saeed Amal M - "Excessive iodine intake, water chemicals and endemic goitre in a Sudanese coastal area" Public Health Nutrition 16(9):1586–1592 (2013) doi:10.1017/S1368980012004685
TSH levels in 6-12 year-old schoolchildren were significantly correlated with F– concentration in water (r=0-506, P=0-004). Fluoride levels are not given in this study, but have been reported elsewhere to be well below 1.0 ppm, the mean being 0.30 ppm.


Medani AM, Elnour AA, Saeed AM - "Endemic goitre in the Sudan despite long-standing programmes for the control of iodine deficiency disorders" Bulletin of the World Health Organization 89(2):121-126 (2011)

Eltom M, Hofvander Y, Torelm I, Fellström B - "Endemic goitre in the Darfur region (Sudan). Epidemiology and aetiology" Acta Med Scand. 215(5):467-75 (1984)
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