Does fluoridated salt cost more?

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Does fluoridated salt cost more?

Postby admin » Sun Aug 30, 2015 9:13 am

Does fluoridated salt cost more?

No. In many countries the price of salt is set by law, and fluoridated salt is usually no more expensive than other salt. In Switzerland it is sold under a slight subsidy, making its selling price just a bit lower than other salt (Yewe-Dyer, 2002).

Fluoridated salt is aggressively marketed in Germany, where originally salt manufacturers helped proclaim its “benefits” (Marthaler, 2000). It is marketed effectively as the “better salt” in Jamaica (Marthaler, 2000).

The fact that fluoridated salt is not associated with increased costs to governments has been a key factor in the massive and rapid implementation of salt fluoridation programs.
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