1989 - Effects of low iodine - elevated fluoride on IQ

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1989 - Effects of low iodine - elevated fluoride on IQ

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142. 任大礼 李可成 刘大伟 高氟低碘地区低智儿童的发病调查
《中国公共卫生》 1989年03期
http://www.i-md.com/docsearch/doc/d89d9 ... 5ed204277c

Ren Dali et al. - "Impact of fluoride on IQ in childen with iodine deficiency" China Public Health (03):44 (1989)

低碘影响人群智力发育已为人们公认。本文在探讨低碘对儿童智力影响的同时,进一步调查研究了高氟、高氟低碘地区对儿童智力发育的影响.1 调查对象和方法1.1调查点在全县范围内用分层随机抽样法,选择了饮水氟含量为1.15~3.10mg/L,碘含量为4.10~5.00μg/L 的6个高氟低碘村和饮水氟含量为0.20~0.58mg/L,饮水碘含量为4.00~5.00μg/L 的4个单纯低碘村做为调查

It has been recognized that low iodine affects the intellectual development of the population. While exploring the impact of low iodine on children’s intelligence, this article further investigates and studies the impact of high fluoride, high fluorine and low iodine areas on children’s intelligence development. 1 Survey objects and methods 1.1 The survey points use stratified random sampling throughout the county , Selected 6 high-fluorine and low-iodine villages with drinking water fluorine content of 1.15~3.10mg/L and iodine content of 4.10~5.00μg/L and drinking water fluorine content of 0.20~0.58mg/L, drinking water iodine content of 4.00~5.00 4 μg/L low-iodine villages were investigated
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