2007 - Effects of NaF on porcine thyroid cells

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2007 - Effects of NaF on porcine thyroid cells

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149. 高明涛;李红;许珂玉;王翠瑶;;氟化钠对原代培养猪甲状腺细胞毒性效应的实验研究[J];辽宁医学院学报;2007年05期
http://en.cnki.com.cn/Article_en/CJFDTO ... 705007.htm
Gao Tao et al. - "Experimental study on the toxic effects of fluoride primary cultured porcine thyroid cells" Journal of Liaoning Medical College 28(05):10-11 (2007)

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《Journal of Liaoning Medical University》 2007-05
Study of the Cytotoxic Effects of Sodium Fluoride on Primary Porcine Thyrocytes
GAO Ming-tao LI Hong XU Ke-yu WANG Cui-yao (Department of Biochemistry,Liaoning Medical University,Jinzhou 121000 China)
Objective To observe the cytotoxic effects of Sodium Fluoride(NaF)on primary porcine thyrocytes and to ex- plorc its mechanism.Methods The primary porcine thyrocytes were incubated in 40mg/L,80mg/L,and 160mg/L sodium fluor- ide for 48h.The morphology of the cells and their nucleus stained in acridine orange were observed by light microscope and fluores- cence microscope respectively.The cell survival ratio was measured using MTT method.Results The follicle structure disappeared gradually and the cells became small,round and light in the middle and high fluoride groups.It was thus clear that pyknohyperchromic flavo-green tincture was round or crescent in a part of cell nucleus.The major changes included frothing-up phenomenon and with- ered bodies.The cell survival ratio in the middle and high fluoride groups were markedly lower than the comparison group(P0. 01).Conclusions NaF has a significant cytotoxic effect on primary porcine thyrocytes,and there exists dose-related effect to some extent.
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