2001 - Fluoride inhibition of iodine uptake

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2001 - Fluoride inhibition of iodine uptake

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81. 康世良,柴春彦,刘国艳, 氟对鸡甲状腺摄碘功能的影响,黑龙江畜牧兽医 2001 (5)

为探讨氟对鸡甲状腺摄碘功能的影响,选用250只Ⅰ日龄蛋鸡,随机分为5组,每组50只,饲喂相同的全价日粮。第Ⅰ组:正常对照组,Ⅱ、Ⅲ、Ⅳ、Ⅴ组在日粮中添加不同水平的氟化钠,使日粮中氟的含量分别为500,1 000,1 500,2 000 mg/kg,实验期为150 d。每隔30 d采集血样,测定血清中氟含量、甲状腺中碘含量,观察试验鸡的临床表现。结果表明,成功地复制出了不同程度的鸡慢性氟中毒模型;实验鸡日粮含碘量正常。各中毒组甲状腺中碘含量在整个实验期内均不同程序地低于对照组,呈明显的剂量-效应和时间-效应关系。甲状腺中碘含量变化和相应时期的血清氟含量间呈显著的负相关(r=-0.814)。说明氟能明显地抑制甲状腺摄取和聚集碘的能力,干扰碘的正常代谢,进而影响整个甲状腺的结构和功能。

In attempt to investigate effects of fluoride on the function of thyriod intaking iodine in chicken,250 one-day chicks were randomly divided into 5 groups,50 for each.Group Ⅰ was the control,and other four groups,group Ⅱ,Ⅲ,Ⅳ,Ⅴ were fed the diets containing 500,1 000,1 500,2 000 mg/kg of fluorine as sodium fluoride,respectively,for 150 days.The contents of serum fluorine and iodine in thyroid were determined at every other 30 days,and the chinical manifestations of fluorosed chicks were observed everyday.The results showed as follows:The animal patterns of chick fluorosis were successfully established;The content of iodine in diet is normal;Compared with the control group,the content of iodine in thyroid in all fluorosed groups decreased,moreover,showed a significant dose-effect and time-effect correlation.The content of serum F significantly correlated with the content of iodine in thyroid,and the correlative coefficients were r=-0.814,and P<0.01;In conclusion,Ingesting excessive fluoride obviously inhibited the functions of thyroid intaking and accumulating iodine,disturbed the metabolism of iodine,furthermore,injured the structureand function of thyroid.
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