1992 - rT3 in fluorosis (low F- in water)

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1992 - rT3 in fluorosis (low F- in water)

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52. 林津 林法福,环境碘氟水平与血清rT3的关系,地方病通报 1992 7(3) 68-70

Lin Jin, Lin Fafu, Zhao Hongxin, Jiang Jiyong, Xu Xunfeng - "A study on the relationship between serum rT3 and environmental iodine or fluoride levels" Endemic Disease Bulletin (3):68-70 (1992)
http://www.nmglib.com:8901/article/deta ... ?id=720441


An analysis was made of the data on the levels of thyroid hormones (serum T3, rT3, T4 and TSH), water iodine and fluoride determined in our laboratories since 1980. The results showed that the serum rT3 levels in schoolchildren aged 7-14 varied greatly in environments at different fluoride levels and increased with the elevated water fluoride concentration, showing a significant correlation (R=0.85, P<0.05). The rate of abnormality also increased, but the significance is still unclear. With the increase of water iodine concentration, the serum rT3 level increased, but it was not statistically significant (r=0.79, P>0.05).
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