2008 - Effects of F-, I and Ca on body weight of rats

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2008 - Effects of F-, I and Ca on body weight of rats

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130. 邹焰, 王建华, 肖静, 凌锌, 董国宾 氟、钙与碘对大鼠体重的交互作用影响 2008年9期
http://d.wanfangdata.com.cn/periodical_ ... 09007.aspx
Zou et al. - "Interaction of fluorine, calcium and iodine on weight of rats" Chinese Journal of Preventive Medicine 42 (9) (2008)

目的 研究氟、钙和碘对大鼠体重的交互作用.方法 应用2×2×2析因实验设计将出生1个月的80只Wistar大鼠分成8组,每组10只,分别进行适中氟钙碘(1组)、适中氟碘高钙(2组)、适中钙碘高氟(3组)、适中碘高氟钙(4组)、适中氟钙低碘(5组)、适中氟高钙低碘(6组)、适中钙高氟低碘(7组)、高氟钙低碘(8组)喂养,适中氟为90 μg/d,高氟为2700 μg/d,适中钙为13 mg/d,高钙为260 mg/d,适中碘为3.5 μg/d,低碘为0.23 μg/d.20周后观察其对大鼠体重的影响.结果 氟与钙存在交互作用(F=5.933,P=0.017).喂养满5个月时空腹体重测量结果:适中碘和氟水平时,2组动物体重[(262.5±47.1)g]与1组体重[(307.9±55.0)g]差异有统计学意义(t=4.24,P<0.05);低碘和适中氟水平时,6组动物体重[(248.8±30.0)g]与5组体重[(293.3±19.7)g]差异有统计学意义(t=4.16,P<0.05);适中碘和钙水平时,低碘和适中氟水平时,3组动物体重[(269.3±27.3)g]与1组体重[(307.9±55.0)g]差异有统计学意义(t=3.61,P<0.05);在低碘和适中钙水平时,7组动物体重[(261.9±31.3)g]与5组体重[(293.3±19.7)g]差异有统计学意义(t=2.94,P<0.05).结论 氟与钙对大鼠体重存在交互作用,可影响大鼠的生长发育.

Objective To study the interaction of fluorine(F),calcium(Ca)and iodine(I)on body weight of rats.Methods One-month-old Wistar rats were randomly divided into 8 groups:moderate concentrations of F,Ca,I(group 1);moderate concentrations of F,I and high concentration of Ca (group 2);moderate concentrations of Ca,I and high concentration of F(group 3);moderate concentration of I and high concentrations of F,Ca(group 4);moderate concentrations of F,Ca and low concentration of I(group 5);moderate concentration of F,high concentration of Ca and low concentration of I(group 6);moderate concentration of Ca,high concentration of F and low concentration of I(group 7);high concentrations of F,Ca and low concentration of I(group 8)based on 2×2×2 factorial design.The moderate concentration of F was 90 μg/d and the hiigh concentration of F was 2700 μg/d.The moderate Ca concentration was 13 mg/d and the high Ca concentration was 260 mg/d.The moderate concentration of I was 3.5 μg/d and the low concentration of I wag 0.23 μg/d.After twenty weeks,body weight was measured.Results According to the results of factorial ANOVA,significant interaction effects of F with Ca were found(F=5.933,P=0.017).The empty body weight was measured at the end of the fifth month.when both iodine and fluorine were at the optimal level,the weight of group 2[(262.5±47.1)g]and group 1[(307.9±55.0)g]showed significant difference(t=4.24,P<0.05).When both iodine and fluorine were at low level,the weight of group 6[(248.8±30.0)g]and group5[(293.3±19.7)g]showed significant difference(t=4.16,P<0.05).Animals with optimal iodine and calcium[(269.3±27.3)g]showed significant difference compared to the weight of low level iodine and optimal fluorine[(307.9±55.0)g].When the low level iodine and optimal calcium were applied,weight of group 7[(261.9±31.3)g]and group 5[(293.3 4-19.7)g]showed significant difference.(t=2.94,P<0.05).Conclusion Interaction effects of F with Ca were found on body weight in rats.
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