2001 - Fluorosis, anemia and thyroid hormones - 600 patients

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2001 - Fluorosis, anemia and thyroid hormones - 600 patients

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91. 万桂敏.陈志,莫志亚,刘忠杰, 佟建冬,赵瑞兰,地方性氟中毒患者多项检验指标的测定及分析, 中国地方病学杂志, 2001 20(2)137-139
Wan G, Mo Z, Liu Z - "Determination and analysis on multimark of test of the patients with endemic fluorosis" Chinese J Endemiology 20(2):137-139 (2001)

前言:目的 探索地方性氟中毒有意义的检测诊断指标。方法 选轻、中、重不同病情的地氟病病人 6 0 0名 ,进行血、尿常规和生化等 2 1项检查。血、尿氟采用离子选择电极法 ,生化及酶类采用 RA BA生化自动分析仪检验 ;T3、T4用 PEG放射免疫方法测定。结果 地氟病病人随病情加重贫血人数增多 (P <0 。0 5 ) ;血、尿氟明显高于参考值 ;血清钙降低 ,磷升高 ;重症患者尿钙排出量增加 ;碱性磷酸酶 (AKP)随病情加重而升高 (P <0 。0 5 ) ;血清总蛋白、白蛋白含量正常 ,而球蛋白明显升高 ,T3、T4平均水平低于参考值 ,特别是中、重患者偏低更明显。结论 RBC、Hb及血清钙、磷、碱性磷酸酶、球蛋白、T3、T4和尿钙等指标对地氟病的诊断有一定的参考意义。

Objective To study the significant test of diagnosing endemic fluorosis.Methods
Twenty one of routine and biochemical marks of blood and urine of 600 cases of the
patients with different degree endemic fluorosis were determined and analysed. Results The
prevalence rate of anemia has rising with becoming heavier the disease degree of endemic
fluorosis.The average level of fluoride in serum and urine were significantly higher than the
reference value.The calcium in serum decrease, and the phosphorus increase.The excreted
amount of urinary calcium increase in the severe patients. AKP rise along with becoming
heavider of the disease degree.The content of total protein and albumin in serum was within
normal range,but globulin evidently raises.The average of T3 and T4 was lower than the
reference value,especially that of the middle, severe patients were obviously lower.
Conclusions The RBC,Hb,serum calcium,phosphorus,AKP,urinary calcium,globulin,T4 and
T4 were significantly marks of diagnosing endemic fluorosis
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