2013 - Effects of High F and I on DF and Goiter 8-10 yr olds

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2013 - Effects of High F and I on DF and Goiter 8-10 yr olds

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170. 作 者 刘洋, 陈玕, 侯国强, 余波, 郑合明, 郝宗宇; 中心);饮水中高碘高氟对8~10岁儿童甲状腺肿与氟斑牙流行影响研究
当代医学 2013年01期 1-3页
http://new.med.wanfangdata.com.cn/Paper ... x201301002
http://www.alljournals.cn/view_abstract ... 08D58E97FA
Liu Yang et al. - "Research on the impact of fluoride and iodine in drinking water for 8-10 year-old children - prevalence of goiter and dental fluorosis." Contemporary Medicine (01)1-3 (2013)

NOTE: The UIC in all three areas indicated similar excessive iodine intake (median), in fact UIC values were higher in "normal" areas, indicating high iodine intake from sources other than water.
  • 1) High F, High I: 348.65 ug/L
    2) High F, Normal I: 360.9 ug/L
    3) Low F, NormaL I: 377.5 ug/L

Objective To investigate the effect and characteristics of high iodine and high fluoride on goiter and dental fluorosis in children. Methods A total of 3053 children aged 8 to 10 years old in the water-derived high iodine and high fluoride and high fluoride suitable iodine area (study group) and low fluoride suitable iodine area (control group) were examined for goiter and dental fluorosis. Results The detection rate of goiter: the high iodine and high fluoride group (15.41%) was higher than the high fluoride and suitable iodine group (10.02%), 2=14.678, P<0.01). The two groups were higher than the appropriate iodine and low fluoride group (5.19%), respectively 2=48.729, P<0.01; 2=15.599, P<0.01. Dental fluorosis detection rate: There was no difference between the study groups between the high iodine and high fluoride group (52.84%) and the high fluoride and appropriate iodine group (49.05%), 2=3.155, P>0.05, but both were higher than the control group (5.68%) , respectively, 2=463.237, P<0.01; 2=432.845, P<0.01. Conclusion High fluoride and high iodine have additive and synergistic effects on the occurrence of goiter; on the formation of dental fluorosis, high iodine and high fluoride have no additive synergistic effect.
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