Iodine intake changes urinary fluoride levels

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Iodine intake changes urinary fluoride levels

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Urinary fluoride does not necessarily reflect fluoride intake, as iodine intake can change UF levels.

Zhou et al. (2008) showed that the urinary fluoride levels were lower in iodine-deficient patients who were taking iodine preparations compared to normal people taking no supplements, but with identical fluoride intake.

In the study by Sun et al (2013), when iodine supplement (salt) use was stopped for two months, urinary fluoride levels increased while urinary iodine decreased - with identical fluoride intake.

Studies by Zhao on F-/I interaction in mice (1998) showed that under "fluoride-deficient" conditions, MORE fluoride is deposited in bone with increasing iodine intake, indicating less fluoride is excreted.

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