TSH = Fluoride (1940)

TSH = Fluoride (1940)

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De Eds F, Wilson RH, Cutting WC - "Thyrotropic hormone and fluorine activity" Endocrinology 26(6):1053-1056 (1940)

IN AN EARLIER PAPER Wilson and DeEds (I) called attention to the synergistic action of orally administered thyroid on the production of bleached rat incisors by fluorine, and briefly reviewed the claims of other authors relative to a relationship between the thyroid gland and fluorine toxicity. At that time the observations of Wilson and DeEds were correlated with those of Karnofsky and Cronkite (2) on the effect of thyroxin on eruption of teeth in newborn rats. The present paper deals with the relationship of the anterior pituitary to fluorine toxicity as manifested by an increased susceptibility to the bleaching action of ingested fluorine on rat incisors produced by the daily injection of thyrotropic hormone.

II. Young albino rats maintained on the basic diet described in I were given daily subcutaneous injections of thyrotrophic extract prepared from beef anterior pituitary glands ranging from 0.02-1 c.c. The rate of colouration of the incisor teeth was retarded in some cases while in others an actual bleaching occurred. It is suggested that the action of the hormone on tooth colour is effected through the stimulation of the thyroid gland.
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