McKay - 1918

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McKay - 1918

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McKay, FS - "Progress of the year in the investigation of mottled enamel with special reference to its association with artesian water" J Natl Dental Assn 5:721 (1918)

McKay writes on his investigations of mottled teeth, later to be re-named "dental fluorosis":

"I now wish to consider the views of Prof. John E. Greves, of Utrecht, Holland, who is decidedly of the opinion that thyroid disturbance, or at least underlying constitutional factors, will be found to contain the solution of the difficulty.

After having received from me some specimens of mottled teeth, he states without reserve that he is familiar with the same condition in Holland, except that the brown discoloration is not so common, and he sends the following photograph (figure 23) to bear out his assertion, altho this case has also the stain. The boy is a native from Utrecht.

Hardly a day passes, he states, that they do not see these cases in the clinic at the University of Utrecht. [goiter area at the time]

Greves...upon receiving specimens from me, made a comparison with sections of mottled teeth from his own locality, and found, as he states, exactly the same conditions as those described in American teeth."
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