Recent Publications 2006/2005

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Recent Publications 2006/2005

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Posted: 16 Mar 2006 10:08 pm
Post subject: Recent Publications 2006/2005

Krook LP, Justus C -
"Fluoride poisoning of horses from artificially fluoridated water"
Fluoride 39(1)3-10 (2006)

Ge Y, Hongmei N, Wang S, Wang J -
"Comet assay of DNA damage in brain cells of adult rats
exposed to high fluoride and low iodine"
Fluoride 38(3):209-214 (2005) ... 09-214.pdf

Ge Y, Hongmei N, Wang S, Wang J -
"DNA damage in thyroid gland cells of rats exposed to long-term intake of high fluoride and low iodine"
Fluoride 38(4):318-323 ... 18-323.pdf

Ge Y, Hongmei N, Wang S, Wang J -
"Effects of high fluoride and low idodine on brain
histopathology in offspring rats"
Fluoride 38(2):127-132 (2005) ... 27-132.pdf

Susheela AK, Bhatnagar M, Vig K, Mondal AK -
"Excess fluoride ingestion and thyroid hormone derangements in children living in Delhi, India"
Fluoride 38(2):151-161 (2005)

Schuld A -
"Is dental fluorosis caused by thyroid hormone disturbances?"
Fluoride 38(2):91-94 (2005)

Bouaziz H, Soussia L, Guermazi F, Zeghal N -
"Fluoride-induced thyroid proliferative changes and their reversal in female mice and their pups"
Fluoride 38(3):185-192 (2005) ... 85-192.pdf

Cinar A,Selkuk M -
"Effects of chronic fluorosis on thyroxine, triiodothyronine, and protein-bound iodine in cows"
Fluoride 38(1):65-68 (2005)
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