TSH Studies - Humans

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TSH Studies - Humans

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Fluoride dose-dependently increases serum TSH levels in humans (See a.o.: Wang et al., 2020; Zulfiqar et al., 2020; Szczuko et al., 2019; Xiang et al., 2019; Sinhamahapatra et al., 2019; Jwalaram et al., 2019; Kumar et al., 2018; Khandare et al., 2018; Kheradpisheh et al., 2018; Malin et al., 2018; Rathore et al., 2017; Chatterjee et al., 2016; Cui et al., 2016; Zhang et al., 2015; Singh et al., 2014; Yasmin et al., 2013; Medaini et al., 2013; Susheela et al., 2005; Wang et al., 2001 [same as Yang, 1994]; Liu et al., 1999; Liu et al., 1998; Yang et al., 1994; Lin et al., 1991; Liu et al., 1988; Bachinskii et al., 1985)
See all at --> viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1345

Bachinskii PP, Gutsalenko OA, Naryzhniuk ND, Sidora VD, Shliakhta AI - "Action of the body fluorine of healthy persons and thyroidopathy patients on the function of hypophyseal-thyroid the system" Probl Endokrinol (Mosk) 31(6):25-9 (1985)

Chatterjee S, Banerjee S, Ray T, Bhattacharyya SK - "Relationship of Thyroid Hormone Status and Serum Fluoride Level among the Tribal Peoples – A Cross-sectional Descriptive Study" JMSCR 4(6):11143-47 (2016)
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18535/jmscr/v4i6.76

Cui Yushan, Zhao Liang, Zeng Qiang, Wang Rui, Zhang Lei, Fu Gang, Feng Baojia, Liu Hongliang - "The role of oxidative stress in iodine and fluoride induced thyroid injury" Environmental and Occupational Medicine (1):7-12 (2016)

Hosur MB, Puranik RS, Vanaki S, Puranik SR - "Study of thyroid hormones free triiodothyronine (FT3), free thyroxine (FT4) and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) in subjects with dental fluorosis" Eur J Dent 6(2):184-90 (2012)
SEE: PFPC Comments on this study: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2389

Jwalaram Kumar Chaluvadi, Vijay Kumar Kutala, Viswa Kumar Ramalinga, Vijay Kumar, Chandra Mohan Vadlamudi - "Thyroid Profile among the Subjects from Fluorotic Zone – A Biochemical Perspective" JMSCR 7(03):1117-1121 (2019)

Khandare AL, Validandi V, Gourineni SR, Gopalan V, Nagalla B - "Dose-dependent effect of fluoride on clinical and subclinical indices of fluorosis in school going children and its mitigation by supply of safe drinking water for 5 years: An Indian study" Environ Monit Assess. 190(3):110 (2018)
https://link.springer.com/article/10.10 ... 018-6501-1

Kheradpisheh Z, Mirzaei M, Mahvi AH, Mokhtari M, Azizi R, Fallahzadeh H, Ehrampoush MH - "Impact of Drinking Water Fluoride on Human Thyroid Hormones: A Case - Control Study" Scientific Reports Volume 8, Article number: 2674 (2018)
http://poisonfluoride.com/phpBB3/viewto ... 1737#p1737
  • See also: Kheradpisheh Z, Mirzaei M, Mahvi AH, Mokhtari M, Azizi R, Fallahzadeh H, Ehrampoush MH - "Correlation between drinking water fluoride and TSH hormone by ANNs and ANFIS" Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering 16:11-18 (2018)
Kumar V, Chahar P, Kajjari S, Rahman F, Bansal DK, Kapadia JM - "Fluoride, Thyroid Hormone Derangements and its Correlation with Tooth Eruption Pattern Among the Pediatric Population from Endemic and Non-endemic Fluorosis Areas" J Contemp Dent Pract 19(12):1512-1516 (2018) PubMed PMID: 30713182

Lin Fa-Fu, Aihaiti, Zhao Hong-Xin, Lin Jin, Jiang Ji-Yong, Maimaiti, Aiken - "High-fluoride and Low-iodine Environment and Subclinical Cretinism in Xinjiang" Endem Dis Bul 6(2):62-67 (1991)
https://poisonfluoride.com/dir/wp-conte ... F-1991.pdf
English Translation in: ICCIDD Newsletter, Volume 7 Number 3 (August 1991)

Liu X, Fan Z, Hua, Wang W, Wu H- "The detection of children's T3, T4 and TSH contents in endemic fluorosis areas" Endem Dis Bull 14:16–7 (1999)
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http://poisonfluoride.com/phpBB3/viewto ... f=7&t=1757
https://linkinghub.elsevier.com/retriev ... 201830833X

Medani AM, Elnour AA, Saeed AM - "Excessive iodine intake, water chemicals and endemic goitre in a Sudanese coastal area" Public Health Nutr 16(9):1586-92 (2013) doi: 10.1017/S1368980012004685
https://www.cambridge.org/core/services ... l_area.pdf

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https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/e78b/0 ... 1594834242

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18203/2320-6012.ijrms20192499

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Szczuko M, Splinter J, Zapałowska-Chwyć M, Ziętek M, Maciejewska D - "Fluorine may intensify the mechanisms of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) development via increased insulin resistance and disturbed thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) synthesis even at reference levels" Med Hypotheses 128:58-63 (2019)
https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/a ... 7719300386

Wang X, Wang L, Hu P, Guo X, Luo X- "Effects of high iodine and high fluorine on children’s intelligence and thyroid function" Chinese Journal of
Endemiology 20(4):288-90 (2001)
https://www.fluoridealert.org/wp-conten ... g-2001.pdf

Wang Y, Cui Y, Zhang D, Chen C, Hou C, Cao L - "Moderating Role of TSHR and PTPN22 Gene Polymorphisms in Effects of Excessive Fluoride on Thyroid: a School-Based Cross-Sectional Study" Biol Trace Elem Res (2021 May 28)
"In adjusted models, every 1 mg/L increment of water fluoride was associated with 0.13 uIU/mL increase in TSH"

Yao Y, Zhou J, Wang X, Cui Q, Lin F - "Analysis of TSH and intelligence level of children with dental fluorosis in a high fluoride area" Literature and Information on Preventive Medicine 2(1):26-27 (1996)

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https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10. ... 013.847619

Xiang Jie, Tu Qingyun, Chen Chong, et al. - "Effect of high fluoride intake on TT3, TT4 and TSH levels in children" Jiangsu Preventive Medicine (4):383-385,392 (2019)
http://www.cnki.com.cn/Article/CJFDTota ... 904009.htm ... 4852484857

Zhang S, Zhang X, Liu H, Qu W, Guan Z, Zeng Q, Jiang C, Gao H, Zhang C, Lei R, Xia T, Wang Z, Yang L, Chen Y, Wu X, Cui Y, Yu L, Wang A - "Modifying effect of COMT gene polymorphism and a predictive role for proteomics analysis in children's intelligence in endemic fluorosis area in Tianjin, China" Toxicol Sci 144(2):238-45 (2015)
https://academic.oup.com/toxsci/article ... 38/1716015

Zulfiqar S, Rehman S, Ajaz H, et al. - "Correlation of Water Fluoride with Body Fluids, Dental Fluorosis and FT4, FT3–TSH Disruption among Children in an Endemic Fluorosis area in Pakistan" Open Chemistry 17(1): 465-474 (2019)
Published Online: 2019-07-01 | DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/chem-2019-0055
https://www.degruyter.com/downloadpdf/j ... 9-0055.pdf

TSH levels in Iodine Excess:

(Yao, 1996; Lin et al., 1992; Hall et al., 2023; more to come - W.S., Feb 20, 2023)

Hall M, Lanphear B, Chevrier J, Hornung R, Green R, Goodman C, Ayotte P, Esperanza Angeles Martinez-Mier EA, Zoeller RT, Christine Till - "Fluoride exposure and hypothyroidism in a Canadian pregnancy cohort" Science of The Total Environment, Available online 9 February 2023, 161149
https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/a ... 9722082523

Lin Fa-Fu - "A Study on the Relationship between Serum rT3 and Environmental Iodine or Fluoride Levels" Endem Dis Bull 7(2):68-70 (1992)
(Notice suppression of TSH at High Iodine + High Fluoride and the rT3 increase in all instances.)

Wang X, Wang L, Hu P, Guo X, Luo X- "Effects of high iodine and high fluorine on children’s intelligence and thyroid function" Chinese Journal of
Endemiology 20(4):288-90 (2001) [same as Yang 1994]
https://www.fluoridealert.org/wp-conten ... g-2001.pdf

Yang Y, Wang X, Guo X, Hu P - "The effects of high levels of fluoride and iodine on child intellectual ability and the metabolism of fluoride and iodine" Chinese J Epidemiology 15(4):296-8 (1994); Translation: Fluoride 41:336-339.1:336-339 (2008)
https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/7859263/ [same as Wang, 2001]

Yao Y, Zhou J, Wang X, Cui Q, Lin F - "Analysis of TSH and intelligence level of children with dental fluorosis in a high fluoride area" Literature and Information on Preventive Medicine 2(1):26-27 (1996)
(Fluoride levels very high - 11 ppm..."Currently, the daily intake of iodine of residents in the area is 329 ug/L, which exceeds the physiological demand (100-200 ug/L)."
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