2014: Effects of Fluoride on FRTL

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2014: Effects of Fluoride on FRTL

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Liu GY, Jiang P, Chai CY - "Effects of Fluoride on the Metabolism of Thyroid Function Factors in FRTL" Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University(Agricultural Science) 6(4):82-85 (2014)


To investigate the effects of fluoride on the metabolism of thyroid function factors,Fisher rat thyroid cell line(FRTL)in logarithmic growth phase were treated with 0,1.25,2.5,5,10,20 mg/L of sodium fluoride(NaF),respectively.The cell culture supernatant of FRTL was collected at 24 hand 72h.The contents of free thyroid hormones(FT3,FT4)and Thyroglobulin(TG)in the supernatant were determined as well as the activities of thyroid peroxidase(TPO)were detected.The results showed that,compared with the control,the contents of FT3,FT4 and the activities of TPO in the groups treated with NaF decreased.The TG content in supernatant of FRTL also decreased with an exception of treatment with2.5mg/L of NaF,in which it increased slightly.The levels of NaF significantly and negatively correlated with the contents of FT3,FT4,TG,and the activities of TPO,respectively(P<0.05).Fluoride restrained the function of thyroid cell due to decrease the levels of function factors FT3,FT4 and TG as well as the activities of TPO.The research is helpful for clarifying the metabolism of goiter caused by fluoride. ... cle_Detail
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