2015 - COMT Gene polymorphism/IQ/Thyroid

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2015 - COMT Gene polymorphism/IQ/Thyroid

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Zhang S, Zhang X, Liu H, Qu W, Guan Z, Zeng Q, Jiang C, Gao H, Zhang C, Lei R, Xia T, Wang Z, Yang L, Chen Y, Wu X, Cui Y, Yu L, Wang A - "Modifying effect of COMT gene polymorphism and a predictive role for proteomics analysis in children's intelligence in endemic fluorosis area in Tianjin, China" Toxicol Sci 144(2):238-45 (2015)

High F- area: 1.4 ppm
Low F- area: 0.63 ppm

In regard to the thyroid hormones, we found that TSH in the high fluoride group was notably increased (P = 0.03), whereas T4 was somewhat decreased but did not reach statistical significance (P = 0.06). However, the individual values of thyroid hormones were all within the normal range. For children exposed to high fluoride drinking water, the mean IQ value was notably decreased, whereas the percentage of poor IQ (IQ scores fell below the normal range of 90) was markedly
increased, when compared with those of control cohorts (both P < 0.01).
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