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Furin (PACE)

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Also known as PACE (Paired basic Amino acid Cleaving Enzyme) --> FUR, PACE, PCSK3, SPC1
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A recent article in "Nature" once again highlighted the importance of the furin cleavage site, a much-studied region of the spike protein. It is believed that the furin cleavage site might be the source of the increased infectivity of the Delta variant (Callaway, 2021).

Interestingly, just about five weeks earlier a new US patent was granted to Applied Biology, Inc. involving the use of anti-thyroid agents in the treatment of respiratory viral infections, "specifically SARS-CoV-2 infections". The invention includes a method to inhibit furin expression by inhibition of T3, the thyroid hormone (Goren et al., 2021).

The researchers wrote:
"...SARS-CoV-2 spike protein has been revealed to contain a furin cleavage sequence... As such, viral spike protein priming may be mediated through furin protease in addition to TMPRSS2. Furin expression has been demonstrated to be up-regulated by thyroid hormone T3 and its expression was cooperative with transforming growth factor beta or TGF-.beta..."(Goren et al., 2021)

Fluoride has also long been known to interfere with TGF-β, a pathway critical to furin expression (Jiang et al., 2021; Yu et al., 2018; Zhang et al., 2019; Kido et al., 2017).

Bone studies have shown that fluoride effects on TGF-β are biphasic. Low doses have the opposite effects as high doses (stimulating at low doses - inhibiting at high doses, or vice-versa) (i.e. Jiang et al. 2021). This, of course, is in line with fluoride's established role as a universal G protein activator [G(s), G(i), Gq/11, G12/13].

Furin expression is upregulated by T3 (Chen et al., 2008), and mediated by Gq/11 proteins.

Fluoride's pharmacological efficacy as an anti-thyroid agent is well established (PFPC, 2020).


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"Spike mutations that potentially affect furin cleavage efficiency must be closely monitored for future variant surveillance."

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Furin expression is mediated by the Gq/11 pathway.

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"These results suggest that TP-mediated EGFR transactivation is partially caused by shedding of HB-EGF, which involves furin and ADAM via novel types of PKCs (PKC-delta and PKC-epsilon) through G alpha(q/11) proteins in an extracellular Ca(2+)-dependent manner."

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"The present results indicate that T3 up-regulates furin gene expression in HepG2-TRα1 and -TRβ1 cells. This T3-mediated induction in TRα1 and β1 overexpressing cells is observed at both mRNA and protein levels. Similar findings were obtained in Tx rats after administration of T3. The results most likely indicate that T3 cooperates with TGF-β signaling and its components, Smad3/4, in controlling furin expression." (Chen et al., 2008)
Chen RN, Huang YH, Lin YC, Yeh CT, Liang Y, Chen SL, Lin KH - "Thyroid hormone promotes cell invasion through activation of furin expression in human hepatoma cell lines" Endocrinology 149(8):3817-31 (2008)

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Regarding the use T3 in the treatment of COVID-19, we are waiting for the results of a US clinical trial evaluating the use of instilled T3 in the treatment of ARDS (Flory et al., 2021; https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04115514). Patent applications have been filed here as well.

Flory CM, Norris BJ, Larson NA, Coicou LG, Koniar BL, Mysz MA, Rich TP, Ingbar DH, Schumacher RJ - "A Preclinical Safety Study of Thyroid Hormone Instilled into the Lungs of Healthy Rats-an Investigational Therapy for ARDS" J Pharmacol Exp Ther 376(1):74-83 (2021)
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