Metabolic Syndrome

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Metabolic Syndrome

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Metabolic Syndrome
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Metabolic syndrome (MetS) is characterized by a cluster of physiologic abnormalities including abdominal obesity, dysregulated glucose homeostasis, insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, and elevated blood pressure (Kassi et al., 2011).

Patients with MetS have been estimated to have up to 10 times greater risk of death when suffering from COVID-19 (Bornstein et al., 2020; Vahey et al., 2021; etc).

MetS is closely correlated to serum TSH levels.

The prevalence of MetS and most of its components increases with an elevation of TSH levels - even within the "normal" reference range (Li et al., 2020; Ahirwa et al., 2017; Keshkin et al., 2021; Ruhla et al., 2010; Boggio et al., 2014).

Fluoride is a TSH analogue. It is, therefore, no surprise that MetS is also seen in fluoride poisoning (Schneider-Matyka et al., 2021; Liu et al., 2020).


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Gq/11 is involved in all aspects of thyroid metabolism. TSHr activates Gq/11 at slightly elevated levels.

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"Increased TSH even in the normal range was associated with eGFR after adjusting for age and body mass index (BMI), especially in females. The high age (b = -0.160, p=0.005), high BMI (b = -0.134, p=0.020), high TSH (b = -0.380, p < 0.01), and high uric acid (b = -0.348, p < 0.01) were found as significant predictors of the eGFR in MetS patients."

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"The prevalence of MetS and most of its components increased in the higher TSH group in euthyroid Chinese population."

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