Salt Fluoridation - MORE Caries

Facts and information about salt fluoridation
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Salt Fluoridation - MORE Caries

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Pontigo-Loyola AP, Medina-Solis CE, Borges-Yañez SA, Patiño-Marín N, Islas-Márquez A, Maupome G - "Prevalence and severity of dental caries in adolescents aged 12 and 15 living in communities with various fluoride concentrations" J Public Health Dent 67(1):8-13 (2007)

"Hidalgo is one of the many states included in the nationwide fluoridated domestic salt program that constitutes the backbone of the oral health prevention policy in Mexico."

"Finally, an association of severity of dental fluorosis and caries severity was observed. While fluorosis was very common, it was often mild or very mild...The results showed that children with dental fluorosis have higher severity of caries (DMFT ≥ 4)."

"When we compared high-severity caries group (DMFT ≥ 4 as cutoff point), we observed higher caries severity in children with fluorosis (9.6 percent in very mild/mild, and 10.6 percent in moderate/severe) than children without fluorosis (7.8 percent). Additionally, compared only DMFT=0 versus DMFT ≥ 4 similar results were observed; prevalence of DMFT ≥ 4 in fluorosis-free children was 13.5, while 15.5 and 17.1 was observed in children with very mild/mild and moderate/severe fluorosis."

SEE: Dental Fluorosis = More Caries (50 Studies) ... aries.html
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