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State of the Mother

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Compiled in 2000
“It is also noteworthy that it is stated that ‘fatalities due to premature births, according to the United States Bureau of Vital statistics, constitute one of the ten leading causes of death in Western and South Central States, where fluoride-contaminated water supplies are of common occurrence. The average death rate due to premature birth in all States is 26.7, but in high-fluorine Texas and New Mexico the death rates from this alone are 35.1 and 55.9 respectively’ says the report, as Hermann F. Strongin, MD, Ph.C, MPH, pointed out when he spoke in opposition to ‘fluoridation’ at Springfield, February 5.” (Steyn, 1964)
Steyn DG - "Once More - Fluoridation" Review; University of Pretoria NUWE REEKS No.24 (1964) Chief Research Officer, Division of Life Sciences, Atomic Energy Board, Pretoria, Republic of South Africa, (Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology, University of Pretoria)
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"Fluoride concentrations in amniotic fluid as well as in venous and arterial cord blood serum were determined in 20 women during the perinatal period. The mean concentrations of fluoride from amniotic fluid, venous cord blood serum and arterial cord blood serum were 1,6 +/- 0,18 mumol/l, 3,2 +/- 0,28 mumol/l and 2,9 +/- 0,39 mumol/l respectively. Amniotic fluid fluoride concentrations were significantly higher in the older age group of pregnancies (39-42 weeks) in comparison with the younger age group of pregnancies (34-38 weeks).”
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Transport of T4 is greatly affected by even a slight decrease in ATP concentration, which affects T3 transport much less. Inhibition of T4 transport into the liver leads to low normal serum T3 and an elevated serum T4, resulting in an increased T4/T3 ratio. As the fetus is wholly dependent on the mother's T4 during the first trimester of gestation, this is of great importance as fluoride will inhibit ATP (T4 transport) in the placenta.

FLUORIDE/ATP (1200+ related papers)

see for more info:
Hennemann G - "Cellular Uptake of Thyroid Hormones" in: The Thyroid Manager McCormick MC, Gortmaker SL, Sobol AM - "Very low birthweight children: Behavior problems and school difficulties in a national sample" Journal of Pediatrics 117:687-93 (1990)

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(the highest prevalence of mineralization disturbances in infants born during winter months)

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"Therefore, the low serum T3 levels in the human fetus appear to be caused by high hepatic (and placental) D3 activity rather than caused by low hepatic D1 activity...”
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" Fluoride levels in maternal urine and amniotic fluid and fluoride content in fetal femur and pathological change in fetal femur appeared a positive correlation between them. Femur fluoride content and pathological change of bone in fetuses born to mothers with mottling teeth were significantly greater than to those without them. Pathological change in fetal femur presented dose-response relationship with their bone fluoride content. When the latter reached greater than 500 micrograms/g, pathological changes occurred in 90% of the bone. "

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Thyroid Dysfunction and Low Birth Weight

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Andersen SL, Olsen J, Wu CS, Laurberg P - "Low Birth Weight in Children Born to Mothers with Hyperthyroidism and High Birth Weight in Hypothyroidism, whereas Preterm Birth Is Common in Both Conditions: A Danish National Hospital Register Study" Eur Thyroid J 2(2):135-44 (2013) doi: 10.1159/000350513. Epub 2013 May 16. PMID: 24783052; PMCID: PMC3821508
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Fluorosis and Low Birth Weight

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Diouf M, Cisse D, Lo CM, Ly M, Faye D, Ndiaye O - "Femme enceinte vivant en zone de fluorose endémique au Sénégal et faible poids du nouveau-né à la naissance : étude cas-témoins" [Pregnant women living in areas of endemic fluorosis in Senegal and low birthweight newborns: case-control study]. Rev Epidemiol Sante Publique 60(2):103-8 (2012) French. doi: 10.1016/j.respe.2011.09.009. Epub 2012 Mar 14. PMID: 22424749. ... via%3Dihub
"Low birthweight was associated with pregnant women living in endemic areas. Defluoridation programs and access for pregnant
women and children to high quality water are necessary in areas of endemic fluorosis."

Theerawasttanasiri N, Taneepanichskul S, Pingchai W, Nimchareon Y, Sriwichai S - "Implementing a geographical information system to assess endemic fluoride areas in Lamphun, Thailand" Risk Management and Healthcare Policy, 11, 15-24 (2018)
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