2015 - Fluoride affects thyroid cells

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2015 - Fluoride affects thyroid cells

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Patil VV, Dhurvey VT - "Exposure to sodium fluoride affects thyroid follicular cells in albino rats"
IJPAES 5(1):56-61(2015) ISSN-2231-4490

ABSTRACT: Living organisms are mainly exposed to inorganic fluorides through food, water and air; it exerts toxic effects on many soft tissues and organs. The thyroid gland has a strong capacity for absorbing and accumulating fluoride. Rats were exposed to sodium fluoride in a concentration of (5, 10, 15 and 20 mg/kg/bw) daily through drinking water for 15 days of duration. After the treatment period rats were sacrificed and thyroid glands were removed, weight and processed for light microscopy. The results showed that the body weight of treated rats decreases while the weight of thyroid gland increased significantly. Light microscopic examination of thyroid gland showed thyroid follicles increases and colloid volume were decreased as the dose increased. In the higher dose thyroid gland showed increasing interfollicular spaces and fusion of the follicles. These results indicate that sodium fluoride exposure exerts harmful effects on rats and thyroid gland cells.

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