Itai - Itai Disease

Mottled teeth just like "fluorosis"...
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Itai - Itai Disease

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Itai-itai disease

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Itai-itai disease (イタイイタイ病 itai-itai byō?, lit. "it hurts-it hurts disease"), was the documented case of mass cadmium poisoning in Toyama Prefecture, Japan, starting around 1912. The cadmium poisoning caused softening of the bones and kidney failure. The disease is named for the severe pains (Japanese: 痛い itai) caused in the joints and spine. The term "itai-itai disease" was coined by locals.[1] The cadmium was released into rivers by mining companies in the mountains. The mining companies were successfully sued for the damage. Itai-itai disease is known as one of the Four Big Pollution Diseases of Japan.[2]

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