Cadmium-induced dental lesions in ovariectomized rats

Mottled teeth just like "fluorosis"...
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Cadmium-induced dental lesions in ovariectomized rats

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Katsuta O, Hiratsuka H, Matsumoto J, Tsuchitani M, Umemura T - "Cadmium-induced dental lesions in ovariectomized rats" Toxicol Pathol. 24(4):451-7 (1996)


The effects of cadmium chloride on both incisor and molar teeth of ovariectomized female rats were studied histopathologically. The rats were injected intravenously with the compound at doses of 1.0 and 2.0 mg/kg, 5 days/wk. Six rats per group were sacrificed at 4, 8, and 13 wk.
Discoloration of the incisors was observed in the rats of the 2.0-mg/kg group from 8 wk. Histopathologic examination of the incisor demonstrated decreased iron-containing pigment in ameloblasts and destruction of the enamel organ. These changes were accompanied with accumulation of cadmium and loss of iron in the teeth. Necrosis of the dental pulp occurred from the coronal end of both the incisor and molar teeth extended to the apical, deep portion of the teeth. The dental pulp of the molar teeth, which is shorter than that of the incisor, was mildly affected by cadmium intoxication. These findings suggested that intradental ischemia due to cadmium toxicity may have contributed to the development of the pulpal necrosis.


Deveci S, Deveci E - "Histopathological Changes in Incisive Teeth of the Newborn Pups of Cadmium-Applied Female Rats during Pregnancy" Int. J. Morphol (2010)

SUMMARY: Cadmium Chloride is a well known teratogen compared to other metals. Cadmium affects placental function, may cross the placental barrier and modify fetal development. In this study, 12 female wistar albino rats weighted between 180-200gr ...
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