A statement from 1952...

Mottled teeth just like "fluorosis"...
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A statement from 1952...

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“Wilson and De Eds (1939) fed rats rations with 0.0031, 0.0062, 0.0125, 0.025 and 0.05 per cent cadmium and observed mottling of enamel, at all levels, apparently identical with that caused by fluorine. Wilson, De Eds and Cox (1941) showed that mottling of rat incisors was produced also by a concentration of cadmium as low as 0.016 per cent. Joint tests of cadmium with fluoride did not indicate that cadmium sensitized the animals to fluorine but rather suggested that cadmium per se caused the effect. The rapidity of bleaching of the teeth was greater by cadmium than by fluorine. Since cadmium inhibited bone phosphatase activity in concentrations as low as 10(7)N, it was further indicated that the fluoride and cadmium activities were exerted the same way.”

Survey of the Literature of Dental Caries
By National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Dental Health, Publication 225, National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council, Page:369 (1952)

(Prepared for the Food and Nutrition Board, NRC under the supervision of the Committee on Dental Health P.C Jeans, Chairman, C.A. Elvehjem and C.G. King)
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