The Mechanisms leading to DF remain unknown...

Mechanisms Unknown?
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The Mechanisms leading to DF remain unknown...

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"Despite decades of research on DF, the cellular mechanisms directly responsible for this disease remain poorly understood."
Aulestia FJ, Groeling J, Bomfim GHS, Costiniti V, Manikandan V, Chaloemtoem A, Concepcion AR, Li Y, Wagner LE 2nd, Idaghdour Y, Yule DI, Lacruz RS - "Fluoride exposure alters Ca2+ signaling and mitochondrial function in enamel cells" Sci Signal 13(619):eaay0086 (2020)

"There are multiple potential causes of dental fluorosis; however, the precise mechanism by which dental fluorosis occurs remain controversial."
Ji M, Xiao L, Xu L, Huang S, Zhang D - "How pH is regulated during amelogenesis in dental fluorosis" Exp Ther Med 16(5):3759-3765 (2018)

"Fluoride excess of 0.05-0.07 mgF/kgbw/day in water or food additives like salt is the principal cause of endemic dental fluorosis. How fluoride causes these defects is not clear yet."
Jalali R, Guy F, Ghazanfari S, Lyaruu D, van Ruijven L, DenBesten P, Martignon S, Castiblanco G, Bronckers ALJJ - "Mineralization-defects are comparable in fluorotic impacted human teeth and fluorotic mouse incisors" Arch Oral Biol 83:214-221 (2017)

"The mechanism of dental fluorosis is very complex and not fully understood."
Ullah R, Zafar MS, Shahani N - "Potential fluoride toxicity from oral medicaments: A review" Iran J Basic Med Sci 20(8):841-848 (2017)

"The mechanisms by which excessive ingestion of fluoride (F) during amelogenesis leads to fluorosis are still not precisely known."
Charone S, De Lima Leite A, Peres-Buzalaf C, Silva Fernandes M, Ferreira de Almeida L, Zardin Graeff MS, Cardoso de Oliveira R, Campanelli AP, Groisman S, Whitford GM, Everett ET, Buzalaf MA - "Proteomics of Secretory-Stage and Maturation-Stage Enamel of Genetically Distinct Mice" Caries Res 50(1):24-31. doi: 10.1159/000442301(2016)

"...the mechanism of dental fluorosis remains unclear."
Lei S, Zhang Y, Zhang K, Li J, Liu L - "Effects of Fluoride on the Expression of Beclin1 and mTOR in Ameloblasts" Cells Tissues Organs 200(6):405-12 (2015)

"..the underlying mechanism is unclear."
Wei W, Gao Y, Wang C, Zhao L, Sun D "Excessive fluoride induces endoplasmic reticulum stress and interferes enamel proteinases secretion" Environ Toxicol. 28(6):332-41(2013)

"Currently the molecular mechanism responsible for dental fluorosis remains unknown..."
Sierant ML, Bartlett JD -"Stress Response Pathways in Ameloblasts: Implications for Amelogenesis and Dental Fluorosis" Cells 1(3):631-645 (2012)

"Despite extensive investigation, the developmental mechanism or mechanisms resulting in dental fluorosis are unknown."
Chaturvedi R, Kaur M, Gauba K, Bhalla S - "Dental Fluorosis: An update" Indian J Dent Ed 4(1/2):23 (2011)

"The mechanisms by which fluoride affects enamel formation to result in fluorosis are not fully understood."
Tanimoto K, Le T, Zhu L, Chen J, Featherstone JD, Li W, DenBesten P - "Effects of fluoride on the interactions between amelogenin and apatite crystals" J Dent Res 87(1):39-44 (2008)

"...the mechanism of F(-)-induced toxicity is unclear."
Sharma R, Tsuchiya M, Bartlett JD - "Fluoride induces endoplasmic reticulum stress and inhibits protein synthesis and secretion" Environ Health Perspect 116(9):1142-6 (2008)

"...the precise mechanisms are unclear.”
Moseley R, Waddington RJ, Sloan AJ, Smith AJ, Hall RC, Embery G - "The influence of fluoride exposure on dentin mineralization using an in vitro organ culture model" Calcified Tissue International 73:470-5 (2003)

"The molecular mechanisms that underlie the pathogenesis of dental fluorosis are not known.”
Everett ET, McHenry MA, Reynolds N, Eggertsson H, Sullivan J, Kantmann C, Martinez-Mier EA, Warrick JM, Stookey GK - "Dental fluorosis: variability among different inbred mouse strains" J Dent Res. 81(11):794-8 (2002)

"....the exact mechanism leading to dental fluorosis is not fully understood.”
Susheela AK, Bhatnagar M. - "Structural aberrations in fluorosed human teeth: Biochemical and scanning electron microscopic studies"
Current Science 77:1677-80 (1999)

"The specific mechanisms by which fluoride causes the changes leading to enamel fluorosis are not well defined."
DenBesten PK - "Biological mechanisms of dental fluorosis relevant to the use of fluoride supplements." Community Dent.Oral Epidemiol 27:41–47 (1999)

"How the fluoride disturbs the intracellular transport of the cell in forming the mottled enamel is still unknown."
Matsuo S, Kiyomiya K, Kurebe M - "Mechanism of toxic action of fluoride in dental fluorosis: whether trimeric G proteins participate in the disturbance of intracellular transport of secretory ameloblast exposed to fluoride" Arch Toxicol 72(12):798-806 (1998)

"Despite extensive investigation, the developmental mechanism or mechanisms resulting in dental fluorosis are unknown."
Wright JT, Chen SC, Hal KI, Yamauchi M, Bawden JW - "Protein Characterization of Fluorosed Human Enamel." Dent Res 75(12):1936 (1996)

etc. etc.
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Re: The Mechanisms leading to DF remain unknown...

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Williams JL - "Mottled enamel, and other studies of normal and pathological conditions of this tissue" J Dent Res 5:117 (1923) ... 0050030101
"We shall sooner or later discover that mottled enamel and other similar conditions of this tissue are due to a disturbance of balance in the functioning of the endocrine glands".
Schuld A - "Is dental fluorosis causes by thyroid hormone disturbances?" Fluoride 38(2):91–94 (2005)

McKay, FS - "Progress of the year in the investigation of mottled enamel with special reference to its association with artesian water" J Natl Dental Assn 5:721 (1918)
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