2013 - Green Tea - fluoride content ISE

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2013 - Green Tea - fluoride content ISE

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全文孙艳丽刘阳.离子选择性电极法测定统一绿茶中氟的含量 [J]. 山东化工, 2013,42(4) .
Sun Yan-li, Liu Yang - "Determination of Fluorine with Ion-selective Electrode in Green Tea" Shandon Chem Indus 42(4) (2013)

利用氟离子选择性电极对氟离子的高选择性,通过加入TISAB缓冲溶液控制测定条件测定了统一绿茶中的氟含量.进行了试样加标回收率的测定,并对不同搅拌状态、有无TISAB以及电极空白值等影响测定结果的因素进行了实验分析.实验结果表明,测得绿茶中的氟含量分别为1.77 mg/L,加标回收率为96.4%~106.5%,仪器简单,方法简便,回收率高,结果可靠,能满足对绿茶样品的测定.

The use of fluoride ion selective electrode for high fluoride ion selectivity, by the addition of TISAB buffer control measurement conditions uniform green fluorine content were measured samples spiked recoveries, and the different state of agitation, with or without TISAB factors that affect the measurement results and the electrode blank values, etc. carried out experimental analysis. The results show that the measured fluorine content in green tea were 1.77 mg / L, the recoveries were 96.4% ~ 106.5%, the instrument is simple, easy way high recovery, reliable, and can meet the determination of tea samples.
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