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2005 - Effects of F- and I on phospholipids

Posted: Fri Feb 21, 2014 12:45 am
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151. 章子贵, 申秀英, 许晓路.碘氟联用对大鼠红细胞膜磷脂和脂肪酸的影响[J]. 中国公共卫生, 2005,21(2): 157-158
Zhang Z, Shen X, Xu X - "Effect of combined iodine and fluoride on phospholipid and fatty acid composition of RBC in rat blood" China Lublic Health 21(2):157-158 (2005)

目的 研究高氟及碘氟联用对大鼠红细胞膜磷脂和脂肪酸组成的影响。方法 选用SD大鼠,饮用加氟(150mg/L)及同时分别加入不同浓度碘化钾(0.003,0.03,3mg/L)溶液共5个月,用高效液相色谱法测定大鼠红细胞膜磷脂和肪肪酸含量。结果 高碘高氟组大鼠血液红细胞膜磷脂含量下降;高氟组大鼠血液红细胞膜的不饱和脂肪酸下降,饱和脂肪酸含量上升,中等浓度的碘起到毒性协同作用。结论 长期摄入过量氟导致血液红细胞膜磷脂、脂肪酸组成改变,不饱和脂肪酸减少,这可能与自由基水平升高所造成的脂质过氧化增强有关;一定浓度的碘可能对氟中毒大鼠血液中红细胞膜磷脂脂肪酸组成的影响有协同作用。


Effect of combined iodine and fluoride on phospholipid and fatty acid composition of RBC in rat blood

ZHANG Zigui, SHEN Xiuying, XU Xiaolu

College of Life and Environment Science, Zhejiang Normal University, Jinhua 321004, China

Abstract :
Objective To study the Influence of High fluoride (F) and Indine (I) on phospholipid fatty acid and its Composition of red Blood cell (RBC) in RAT Blood. Methods Five groups of Rats were drinking Provided with Deionized Water containing 0 and 150 mg / L NaF, and containing both 150 mg / L and 0.003,03 or 3 mg / L respectively for 5 months.The plospholipid KI and its fatty acid Composition were analysed using liquid Chromatography. Results Compared with control: the content of phospholipid Decreased in I combinded of the High and High F group; the Proportion of Unsaturated fatty Acids and was the Saturated fatty Acids Decreased Increased in the High F group; the Middle conceneration I had Cooperation Effects on fluorosis. Conclusion High Amount of fluoride can induce Modification of fatty acid compositions of phospholipid in blood, which might be the result from oxidative stress and the increased level of lipid per oxidation.