2009: F- interactions with iodine: Breast Health

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2009: F- interactions with iodine: Breast Health

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Clinch C - "Fluoride interactions with iodine and iodide: Implications for breast health" Fluoride 42(2):75-87 (2009)
https://www.fluorideresearch.org/422/fi ... 75-087.pdf

SUMMARY: The combination of iodide (or iodine) deficiency and the current
widespread exposure to fluoride (F), often in uncontrolled doses, potentially affects
the health and function of the mammary glands, which require elemental iodine (I2)
for normal architecture and function. Understanding the pathways by which F
interferes with iodine transport and metabolism may help avoid breast mastopathies
such as fibrocystic breast disease and breast cancer. Appreciation of these
pathways may also assist in understanding the potential of F to affect thyroid
hormone function and the transport of the essential nutrient iodide ion (I–) to the
developing fetus during critical windows of its development and postnatally to the
suckling infant.
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