INDIA: Govt cold to Nitte researchers' study on F-

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INDIA: Govt cold to Nitte researchers' study on F-

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Govt cold to Nitte researchers' study on fluoride distribution

TNN - Feb. 25, 2016

By Stanley Pinto

Mangaluru: A spatial distribution mapping of drinking water fluoride levels in Karnataka, carried out by a transnational research team of Nitte University and which could help proper channeling of funds, has unfortunately found no takers in the government.

It could aid in bringing in a policy to alleviate the suffering of people affected by fluorosis in some areas of Karnataka.

The study was done by a team led by Prof Chitta Ranjan Chowdhury , head of department of oral biology and genomic studies, and the AB Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences of Nitte University. It was published in the UK-based high impact journal, `Perspective in Public Health'.

Prof Chowdhury , main author of this extensive study, has estimated the concentration of fluoride in drinking water through different zones of 29 districts of Karnataka. His team developed an updated fluoride concentration intensity map (in relation to temperature and rainfall) and evaluated the data in the context of fluoride-related health effects such as fluorosis, muscle-bone and kidney diseases.

He said: "From the map, we can see the level of fluoride at a glance, and quickly identify the fluoride deficit and excess areas of the state. However, Pavagada, which has a high concentration of fluoride in its drinking water, is our concern and we plan to intervene appropriately , like providing treatment, particularly better tertiary care of extreme cases, and establishing primary and secondary prevention of the suffering population. We need collaborative approach and support from governmental and non-governmental agencies."

The disturbing fact is that 95% kids are suffering from dental fluorosis. Severe dental fluorois is an indicator of systemic fluorosis, which may affect the kidneys, bones and muscles.

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