Water high in F- to be exported to US, Canada, Poland

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Water high in F- to be exported to US, Canada, Poland

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Finding New Markets For Georgian Mineral Water Will Be Difficult, Agriculture Minister Says

Prime News - May 5, 2006

Tbilisi. May 05 (Prime-News) – Georgian Mineral water Borjomi will find it difficult to have new markets for export, Prime-News was told by Mikheil Svimonishvili, Georgian Agriculture Minister.

According to him, the key problem will be amount of certain natural chemicals – fluorine and barium that exceeds EU standards.

However, the problem can be solved by reduction of those chemicals in water, he said.

As prime-News was told by the representatives of the Georgian Glass and Mineral Waters Company, producing Borjomi, not a single bottle of falsified Borjomi was exported to Russia from Georgia, and the decision of the Russian sanitarian services to ban import of Borjomi was a result of political considerations.

The company officials say that despite of exceeded amount of the above-mentioned chemicals, Borjomi will be imported in Poland and the Baltic Countries, as a result of negotiations with the European Union.

According to them, the mineral water is being exported to the USA, Canada and South Korea. Georgian Glass and Mineral Waters sold 174 m bottles in 2005 and planned to sell 240 m in 2006.

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