Russia embargo on Georgian waters

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Russia embargo on Georgian waters

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Russia’s chief sanitary doctor embargoes imports of Georgian water

TASS - May 5, 2006

MOSCOW, May 5 (Itar-Tass) - Russia’s Chief Sanitary Doctor Gennady Onishchenko has imposed an embargo on imports of Georgia’s famous Borjomi mineral water.

Sources at the Russian Federal Service for Protection of Consumer Rights told Itar-Tass a decision on the embargo was taken Thursday night and appropriate documents were issued on it.

The decision to fully suspend the imports of that very popular mineral water followed a recent tracking down of several large consignments of counterfeit Borjomi.

Laboratory tests showed permissions to sell the water could not be issued.

In Moscow alone, a total of 25,000 bottles of Borjomi were taken off department store shelves in the week from April 18 through April 25.

According to the Moscow City branch of the consumer rights protection service, the traders could not provide documents confirming the quality and sanitary standards of the arrested consignments of water.

A total of 119 samples of water from the Borjomi area were subjected to laboratory testing and the results showed all of them did not match the parameters of the Russian government-endorsed standard for the water in what concerns the contents of chlorides, sulfates, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, and general mineralization.

The tests also showed the water did not meet safety requirements in terms of permanganate oxidation and content of fluorine.

In as many as 47 cases, the information on bottle labels did not match the real mineral content.

Tests of quality and safety were done in line with Gennady Onishchenko’ s order on stepping up supervision and sales of mineral and drinking water.

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