Fluoride in salt: Mexico

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Fluoride in salt: Mexico

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Hernández-Guerrero JC, de la Fuente-Hernández J, Jiménez-Farfán MD, Ledesma-Montes C, Castañeda-Castaneira E, Molina-Frechero N, Jacinto-Alemán LF, Juárez-Lopez LA, Moreno-Altamirano A - "Fluoride Content in Table Salt Distributed in Mexico City, Mexico." J Public Health Dent. 2008 Mar 31

Objective: The aim of this study was to analyze table salt available in Mexico City's market to identify the fluoride concentrations and to compare these with the Mexican regulations.

Methods: We analyzed 44 different brands of table salt. All samples were purchased at random in different stores, supermarkets, and groceries from Mexico City's metropolitan area and analyzed in triplicate in three different laboratories (nine determinations per sample) with an Orion 720 A potentiometer and an Orion 9609 BN ion-specific electrode.

Results: Fluoride concentration in the samples varied from 0 ppm to 485 ppm. It was found that fluoride concentration varied widely among the analyzed brands. Also, we found that fluoride concentration in 92 percent of the analyzed samples did not match with that printed on the label. Only 6.8 percent of the analyzed samples contained fluoride concentrations that meet Mexican and WHO regulations.

Conclusions: The broad variation in the analyzed samples suggests that Mexican Public Health authorities must implement more stringent regulation guidelines and procedures for controlling the distribution of salt and its fluoride concentration for human consumption.
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