A note about tea - ready-to-drink/instant

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A note about tea - ready-to-drink/instant

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Ready-to-drink tea/Instant tea

Tea prepared with Tetley Pure Leaf tea granules has a fluoride content of almost 10 ppm (Zoohori & Maguire, 2015). PG Tips Pure Tea granules tea has 7.7 ppm. Lipton Instant has also been found to contain up to 7.7 ppm.

Lipton Pure Leaf is the best selling Ready-to-Drink (RTD) tea beverage in the U.S. - reaping US $794 million in sales (Statista, 2020).
"Lipton Pure Leaf was the top selling ready-to-drink (RTD) tea brand in the United States in 2020, by a healthy margin. Sales of the beverage exceeded 794 million dollars, compared to competitors Arizona and Gold Peak who had respective sales of 580 million and 425 million dollars. Lipton was one of the most valuable soft drink brands in 2019, worth an estimated 9.1 billion dollars." (Statista, 2020)
SOURCE: Statista 2020
https://www.statista.com/statistics/237 ... in-the-us/

Zoohori V, Maguire A - "Database of the Fluoride (F) content of Selected Drinks and Foods in the UK" (2015)
https://www.tees.ac.uk/docs/DocRepo/Res ... tabase.pdf
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