Selected Articles

Is Dental Fluorosis Caused By Thyroid Hormone Disturbances?
[Fluoride 38(2)91-94 (2005)]
(Andreas Schuld)

About Fluorinated Drugs
(Andreas Schuld, Wendy Small)

What’s Wrong With This Picture?
(Andreas Schuld)

“Basik Fax”
(Darlene Sherrel)

"AlFx: the useful tool in laboratory investigations, but potential danger for humans"
(Prof. Anna Strunecka, Prof. Jiri Patocka, Andreas Schuld)

 Strunecká A, Patocka J, Schuld A - “Fluor a lidske zdravi”
Zdravotnicke noviny 50 (7): 22-23 (2001)

"Green Tea, Fluoride, and the Thyroid"
(Andreas Schuld’s 1999 letter to Susan Cameron Block) -

“Ofloxacin and diabetes insipidus:mechanism known”
[British Medical Journal, September 9, 2001]
(Andreas Schuld)

“Dare to Think”
(Darlene Sherrel)

One Day In The Life
(Andreas Schuld)

“Science Proper?”
[British Medical Journal - re:MRC/York Review]
(September 29, 2002)
(Wendy Small, Trent Harris, Andreas Schuld)