Canada Bans Imports Of Four Fluorotelomers

Canada Bans Imports Of Four Fluorotelomers

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Canada Bans Imports Of Four Fluorotelomers

Evidence of bioaccumulation and potential toxicity leads to action

Chemical & Engineering News - June 22, 2006

By Cheryl Hogue

Canada is prohibiting imports of four fluorochemicals used to impart stain- or grease-resistance to paper, fabrics, and other materials. The ban, announced on June 17, is aimed at four fluorotelomers—fluorinated alcohols—that can break down into perfluorocarboxylic acids (PFCAs) containing nine or more carbons.

Environment Canada and Health Canada say they are taking the action because evidence indicates that levels of PFCAs could increase rapidly in the environment. Longer chain PFCAs can bioaccumulate and are suspected of causing cancer, developmental problems, and other toxic effects, the agencies say.

DuPont, manufacturer of two of the four substances targeted in the ban, says Canada's action "is not warranted based on the available science." Meanwhile, the two regulatory agencies are working with companies to reduce the amount of residual PFCAs, including perfluorooctanoic acid, that are present in materials currently sold in Canada. The Canadian effort will be consistent with the U.S. EPA's voluntary program for chemical makers to eliminate the release of certain perfluorinated compounds from their factories and products (C&EN, March 13, page 10).

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