The Eastern Michaud Flats Contamination NPL site is located west of Pocatello, Idaho. Two manufacturing facilities, FMC Elemental Phosphorus Plant and Simplot Don Plant, are located on the NPL site.

The FMC facility, FMC Elemental Phosphorus Plant, covers an estimated 1,189 acres and adjoins the western boundary of the Simplot Don Plant (2). Approximately 560 people are employed at the FMC Elemental Phosphorus Plant. Elemental phosphorus production at the facility has changed little since the plant operations began in 1949.

The Simplot Don Plant covers approximately 745 acres and adjoins the eastern property boundary of the FMC facility (2). Around 460 people work at the Simplot Don Plant. The plant began production of single superphosphate fertilizer in 1944.

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